Trade assurance

Protect your order.
You can buy with the confidence that we check your product quality and your order quantity. We make sure your shipment is on the way and will arrive to your warehouse in the date you expect and which you agreed upon with your supplier.
If unexpected events should happen with your order, our trade assurance can offer assistance solving the situation, including getting your money back.
How to use Daimoma trade assurance:
You find supplier in turkey whom you want to make a deal with. Then you can contact us and be confident that we will check that supplier for you.
Then you transfer the money to our secure account, and we will do the inspection of the goods for you.
We will check the quality and the quantity of the products and make sure that it is according to deal you made with that company / supplier. When we find that all is as expected, we will pick up your products and we will release the money to the supplier.
Next step is, that we will ship the goods to you and make sure it arrives in time.
If we find that the goods / order is not according to your deal with supplier, we will hold on to the money until the supplier fulfill the deal/ contract or until you agree to let us continue.
if you need to stop the deal, we will send your money back to you.
if you need us to help find you another supplier, we will do our best to find a trusted supplier who can fulfill your order.
We offer assurance for all kind of trading in turkey incl real estates.

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